Sunday, 29 January 2017

STAR WARS Identities at the O2

Just a quick post this week folks, with a whistle-stop tour of my recent visit to the Star Wars exhibition at the O2. The exhibition runs until 3rd September and includes over 200 exhibits including original artwork, costumes and props from the films.

It has an engaging twist; rather than simply mooching round from room to room, you go on a journey to find/create your own character - your Star Wars identity (see what they did there?). Visitors are given a fob that they can use to register their interactions throughout the exhibition, starting with choosing a species.

This is predominantly geared towards families, probably those with slightly older children caught up in the new Star Wars hype and parents who fondly remember the original films. There is plenty here to satisfy both; detailed technical drawings and models for the die-hard adult fans and lots of interactive options for the kids.

At each stage there is a selection of displays plus a video section covering one aspect of identity from a physical or psychological point of view: genetics, upbringing, early experiences and so on.

Helpfully you are also given headphones that connect with the displays when you are in range and play the audio feed; this avoids the background hubbub of looped commentary and gives the exhibition an oddly calm feel.

All of your favourite characters are here somewhere, from Hans and Chewie to Yoda and Jabba the Hutt. The Jabba display is fabulous but I felt that some of the other characters - Darth Maul, for example - perhaps weren't showcased to their full potential.

So in summary, a thoroughly enjoyable way to spend an hour or so over a lazy weekend - we visited as a pre-Sunday lunch activity on a drizzly day - and I'm happy to say I wasn't tempted to join the dark side (unlike my companion - shame on you!).

Yours, getting my geek on,

London Girl About Town xx

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